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Tristan of Talquin

Tristan has finally made his way to his new home on Lake Talquin with friends! Enjoy the transformation from beginning to end in his final video!



King Arthur, the leader of the Knights of the Round Table, has awaited the opportunity to bring another into the fold. Now, the time has come to introduce Sir Tristan of Talquin! Tristan will be a black bear close to six feet tall, contentedly scratching his back and shoulder against a tree. Tallahassee artist and chainsaw craftsman extraordinaire John Birch will be carving Tristan over the course of a few weeks outside King Arthur’s Tools. Using a combination of his chainsaws and a wide range of King Arthur’s Tools, John is able to carve intricate sculptures out of pine, oak, red cedar and live oak. Tristan will be carved out of live oak due to this wood’s ability to endure and survive outside elements.

One is probably wondering, “How did King Arthur come up with the name for the kingdom’s newest addition?” In history, Tristan was a Cornish knight of the Round Table and a contemporary of King Arthur. He was the ideal Chivalric Knight of his time, setting the standard of honor and loyalty. Performing a duty to your lord and lady are at the core of chivalry, and an indication of the quality of a knight’s service. Tristan means “sorrow,” which seemingly foreshadowed the series of events that he would encounter. Through losing his mother at an early age, losing his guardian as a result of battle, and falling deeply in love with a woman that was to be married to another, it is the hope of King Arthur and Queen Pamela that he find solace in his new home.

Upon Tristan’s completion, he will be transported to the King and Queen’s residence, where his new home overlooks beautiful Lake Talquin. He will join other life size friends already awaiting his arrival: two eagles, fox tailed white squirrel, American horned owl and red fox.   Tristan will be the central sculpture in a very peaceful environment. King Arthur’s dream is to have many more lake animals and birds carved as part of a beautiful sculptural garden, all carved with King Arthur’s Tools!


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